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Winner of 6-7 years; The Alien Athlete by Evelyn Sorrill

Posted on 5th December, 2012 | filed under Competition Winners

Planet Saturn copy

I bet you didn’t know this but… psst, come closer, and don’t tell anyone: Usain Bolt is actually an alien!

He comes from the planet Saturn, and the rings around Saturn? They are the aliens’ race track!

This is the story of when Usain Bolt, the alien athlete, travelled down to earth from Saturn and visited me and my friends.

Before I start the story, let me tell you a bit about myself: my name is Evie; I am seven years old and I have golden-brown hair. My best friend’s name is Amy and my other best friend (who isn’t a human) is my pet dog Puddy.

Amy and I had a very special day planned – we were going to the London Olympics, and we were taking Puddy along with us because we thought she would enjoy it too.

Amy and I are both English, but we moved with our parents to Australia a few years ago. Our mummies say the weather is much better in Australia but we were all looking forward to travelling back to England.

We had to take a long aeroplane flight to get to England, which took more than a day. We stopped off in Hong Kong for a few hours and went to see our friend Bea, who moved to Hong Kong so she could eat noodles all day, and eat no Brussels sprouts (Bea says Brussels sprouts are banned in Hong Kong!).

When we arrived at Heathrow airport from Hong Kong, it was a hot and sunny day and the whole of London was excited about the Olympics being in town.

We went to the train station and got on the Tube. Luckily, the train was fast as we didn’t have much time until the athletics started.

When Amy and I arrived at the closest station, we walked to the Olympic village and went in. We were hungry from all the travelling, so decided to have a snack – sushi, and endamame beans – Japanese instead of all the Chinese food we ate in Hong Kong. Puddy was hungry too, and ate a doggy chocolate biscuit.

It turns out that we needed this food as we were going on a very special journey.

We went to find our seats in the Olympic stadium but we soon realised that this was no ordinary stadium; it was in fact an alien space ship!!!

Very soon we were being taken up into space!

‘WOW!’ said Amy.

‘Where are we going?’ I said.

‘Space, I suppose’ said Amy.

‘I think you are right,’ I said. ‘Look below us.’

And before long we were flying through space and landing on the moon!

We then heard a voice – ‘HELLOOO’. We turned around and it was Usain Bolt! ‘I am Usain Bolt,’ he said, ‘and I am really an alien.’

‘Usain Bolt!’ we said.

Nervously, I asked, ‘Why have you brought us here?’

‘My king has chosen you to save the lives of his people on Saturn,’ he said.

‘Who is your king?’ we asked.

‘The King of Saturn,’ he said. ‘King McKnuckle.’

‘Wow,’ we said, ‘but how can we help…?’

‘Listen,’ said Usain, ‘the aliens from Saturn are the greatest athletes in the universe, and Saturn’s rings are our race track.’

‘The problem is, our rings have started disappearing and the next race is tonight. We need your help to save the rings!’

‘But why us? How come you can’t do it yourselves?’ we asked.

‘Because when Saturn loses its rings, we lose our special powers, and we have been watching you two from space and only you can save us. On Saturn, you have special powers because of your special friendship. That is what we need to save us. Come on, leave the moon and head for Saturn, and we can talk on the way.’

So we set off for Saturn and on the way, we came up with a plan to save the planet.

Usain told us that their neighbours, the aliens from the planet Pluto, were stealing the pieces of ice from the rings because they have not been friends for thousands of years. And all the missing pieces mean they could not race, and might not be the best athletes in the universe.

King McKnuckle of Saturn needed to show how important friendship is, so he has been looking for the perfect friendship on earth, and that’s how he found me and Amy.

‘OK, Usain, I have a plan,’ I said. ‘Amy and I will go out into space on our super rocket jet packs, and talk to the two groups of aliens – the Plutonians and the Jupiterians. Then we will go and find all the missing ice, put it back and the racetrack will be fixed for the race tonight.’

‘Perfect,’ said Usain.

So we set off and found the Plutonians, and explained to them how they should make up and be friends with the Jupiterians.

‘Friendship is the most important thing in the world,’ we told them. ‘You must make up and fix the race track in time for tonight!’

The Plutonians realised how bad they had been and were very sorry. They said sorry to the Jupiterians, and started to return the ice rocks that make up Saturn’s rings.

‘Be quick,’ I said. ‘There’s not long left before tonight’s race.’

We worked as fast as we could; Amy, me, Puddy my dog, the Jupiterians and the Plutonians, but time was running out…

Then Usain appeared. ‘Quick,’ he said, ‘the race is about to start, and we have to replace all the rocks. There’s only 5 seconds to go.’

5 – 4 – 3 –- 2 – 1.

Phew, we replaced the last ice rock just in time, and the space race started!

‘Thank you for all your help,’ said Usain. ‘We’d better take you home, but before we go, maybe you could stay to see me in my race?’

‘Yes, please,’ we said, and we settled down to watch the race.

Usain won the race in a new universe record.

‘Wow, what an adventure, Amy!’ I said

‘You’re right, Evie, my best friend.’

After that, we flew back to earth, and back to Australia.

So if you ever go to the Olympic stadium, and you see someone running fast, throwing far or jumping high, look closely – you might just be watching an alien!

Winner of 6-7 years; The Alien Athlete by Evelyn Sorrill was posted on 5th December, 2012 by Ann-Marie McKimm under Competition Winners

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