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Runner Up of 8-9 years; Jelbia and the land of Irodia by Milly Fortune

Posted on 5th December, 2012 | filed under Competition Winners

Milly's elephant

One day I went upstairs and I heard a bang coming from my room. I opened the door and right in front of me was a gigantic elephant. I didn’t know what to do with it so I brought it to the zoo. I left it outside the elephant’s compound and I hid and watched the zookeepers come over and put it in with the other elephants.

I went back home and upstairs to my room. I could not believe my eyes when I opened the door: there was the enormous elephant right in front of me. I took the elephant into the playroom and I showed her all my miniature animal toys in their little world. I said, ‘I wish I lived in a world like that – because it’s magical.’ I closed my eyes and then opened them. I was in the magical world of Irodia. It was AMAZING! We went all around Irodia to explore – it was so FUN! We had a giant party there with all of the Irodians.

The elephant who has been in my room leaned her trunk to my ear and whispered, ‘Hello again, Milly. I am a magic elephant and my name is Jelbia.’ Jelbia was grey and blue with green patches and pink swirls painted on her skin with chalk. We went elephant riding up in the woods for a nature walk with them. We sat on big Irodian rugs on top of the elephants – they were different patterns. We saw dragonflies, baby swallows, frogs, and bunnies, badgers and hedgehogs. When we went to the Irodian village we had a big festival with puppet shows, face-painting, a big parade with matching animals and stomping elephants and a food tent. We ate all Irodian foods such as pink-rice-pomps, fat-cakes, bonanzas and taipeidios. Then we had banonza smoothies with hello pomppicks.

We played popper-bats where you run round and catch all the animals and then they sit down on the ground – whoever wins the game sits in the banawna-irundya chair. This is a special chair which the winner of the game sits in. It is made of wood and precious jewels – red, purple, green and orange – and in the middle there is a giant multi-coloured diamond. It goes on the top of an elephant and it carries them around Irodia to all the food stalls where they can taste everything the animals made. The puppy called Bonza won the game – he scrambled up into the banawna-irundya chair but he couldn’t reached the top so Jelbia pushed him up with her trunk. He loved all the food that everyone made.

We all went to the giant treehouse and when we got tired Jelbia let us slide down her trunk. The treehouse is for every animal – there are stables up there for the horses and cows and donkeys, monkey-bars for the monkeys and the birds, little kennels for the chickens, dogs, cats and piglets.

Night time came and I felt sleepy so Jelbia lifted me with her trunk into he banana-irundya chair and marched me back home. I closed my eyes and it seemed very quiet so I opened my eyes and woke up. I opened the curtains and it was morning. I looked found, ‘NO ELEPHANT,’ I said to myself. ‘Oh well.’ I got up out of bed and went down for breakfast: there on the table was a pink-rice-pomp with a note from Jelbia saying: ‘If you ever want to visit us in Irodia go to the elephant compound, close your eyes and whisper my name…Jelbia…Jelbia…’

Runner Up of 8-9 years; Jelbia and the land of Irodia by Milly Fortune was posted on 5th December, 2012 by Ann-Marie McKimm under Competition Winners

Ann-Marie McKimm

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