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Runner Up of 6-7 years; The Pirate’s Wife by Lucy Harrison

Posted on 5th December, 2012 | filed under Competition Winners

Illustration of paper diorama with stylized waves and black sailing ship under a nocturnal sky

My great adventure started 19 years ago.

It was a sunny Sunday morning and I was out in my little rowing boat on the open sea fishing for dinner. I was wearing my favourite pink dress that looked beautiful with my light blonde hair. Just as I caught a fish I saw a pirate ship in the distance. The pirate ship was moving at full speed towards my boat. As it got closer I saw that it was Captain Patch’s ship the Golden Ship, the biggest pirate ship ever. This was really bad as Captain Patch was a fierce pirate with the darkest hat I’ve ever seen. All the pirates I knew were terrified of Captain Patch.

I put down my fish and fishing rod quickly and grabbed my oars. I started to row as fast as I could but the Golden Ship kept getting closer.

I glanced over my shoulder and saw another pirate ship coming towards both me and the Golden Ship. I took another look. This new ship was moving even faster than the Golden Ship and it was almost on top of me. The captain of this new ship was shouting down to me, ‘Come and grab my rope and I will pull you up. I will keep you safe.’

I let go of my oars and reached out for the rope. The crew of the ship pulled me up quickly and onto the boat. The captain walked over to me. ‘Hello, my name is Captain Billy. What are you doing out here by yourself? That ship belongs to Captain Patch, the fiercest pirate of all!’ he exclaimed.

‘I know he is the fiercest pirate because I have heard stories about him when I go to the market,’ I replied. ‘I was rowing as fast as I could to get away from him. Thank you for rescuing me.’

I looked at Captain Billy. He had a skull and cross bones on the front of his hat and a smart red jacket with gold buttons that sparkled in the sunlight. He wore black trousers and long black shiny boots. You could barely see the boots properly as his trousers were so black. The Captain’s eyes were as blue as the summer sky. But he had been in some fights because he had a scar on his forehead and another on his right cheek.

We all looked at the Golden Ship; it was really, really close by now. So the Captain shouted to his crew, ‘Max and Dylan, take her below the deck. All the rest of you, start fighting!’

Max and Dylan took me down quickly and they stayed with me to keep me safe. I could hear lots of loud noises. Boom, boom, boom went the cannons; bang, bang, bang went the footsteps; and clatter, clatter, clatter went the swords.

When it got quieter Max and Dylan took me back up to the deck. I saw that Captain Billy and his crew had killed ten of Captain Patch’s crew. Captain Patch had been killed as well. We all danced and then Captain Billy made one of his crew into a new captain for the Golden Ship. The new captain was called Captain Brandon.

Capitan Brandon took five of the crew across to the Golden Ship.

Suddenly there was a shout from Captain Brandon. He said, ‘I’ve found the map. I’ve found it! Finally, after all these years we have it! We’ve got the map!’

He had found Captain Patch’s treasure map so we set sail to find the treasure.

We saw the island where the treasure was buried. We quickly got off the boats and started digging. We found the treasure and they shared the treasure out and let me keep a beautiful shiny silver necklace and ten gold coins.

The necklace looked stunning against my pink dress. I looked so pretty that Captain Billy asked me to marry him, and that’s how I became a pirate’s wife!

Runner Up of 6-7 years; The Pirate’s Wife by Lucy Harrison was posted on 5th December, 2012 by Ann-Marie McKimm under Competition Winners

Ann-Marie McKimm

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