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Runner Up of 4-5 years; Rowan’s Most Amazing Adventure by Rowan Irvine

Posted on 5th December, 2012 | filed under Competition Winners


Rowan Benedict Irvine and Columba Joseph Irvine went on an electric train to the middle of the Glasgow town and they then went into the shopping centre for a drink in Costa and then, when they got out, they walked to the Underground Station and they decided to get off at the place where the Transport Museum was.

The Transport Museum had a zig zag roof. It also had trains, cars, a fire engine, trams, buses and a shop.

The best bit was going in the electric train and pretending to drive it. It was great! Well, I was quite tired at the end.

To go back to the Underground Station, we got on a boat and then walked to the station. We went on an escalator to get to the train. There were seventy hundred people on the underground train.

It was very noisy in the two carriages next to the carriage that we were in. And then we got off the train at the next stop which was Govan. The train carried on heading that way until it found a buffer in front in the tunnel.

We walked through to the inside line and the inside line took us to the same place (because it was a circle) but it was going round at different stops at a different part of the tunnel.

We went down another escalator which sounded funny because it was going “ddddddddder”. We turned out to be in Bond Street! How did we get to London from Glasgow? Perhaps it was an underground train that went all the way to London?

We went to the place where the Egyptians were which was near Sainsbury’s. We touched a sarcophagus at the same time and then we just floated up into the sky. There was a flash and a crash as we went out of the window!

We could see trees and lots of people who looked small. We flew for six hundred days. (The sarcophagus wasn’t made of wood, it was made of stone. When we had to go to sleep we didn’t have anything to put our heads on, which was hard.) The sarcophagus landed next to a big huge pyramid made of bricks. The bricks got there on big logs. We got out and then we got on a camel called Mummy.  It was wobbly and quite furry, which scratched me.

It was so hot I had to put suncream all over me and on my tummy and Columba’s. The camel didn’t need suncream because it already had suncream on. We saw a cactus, then we found a pine cone and it was a magic pine cone. And we both touched it at the same time again. We saw a bright light and it was coming from London. Then when we got into London we saw another light coming from Egypt. And then we saw an even further away light which was coming from a house in Rushton. And it was a house with a black television, which was home. The magic pine cone had magicked us back home! That was my most amazing adventure ever. And that’s the end of the story.

Runner Up of 4-5 years; Rowan’s Most Amazing Adventure by Rowan Irvine was posted on 5th December, 2012 by Ann-Marie McKimm under Competition Winners

Ann-Marie McKimm

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